Lian Jie Noodle House




“吃面先喝汤” 汤底非常浓郁鲜甜还温和,带着香浓黄酒味,气味足够还带点微甜。

面线中还附带冬菇,木耳,黄酒姜蛋。 香浓的黄酒味搭上口感扎实的“甘捧鸡”,而且鸡肉的口感 一口咬下去 肉汁饱满 还不材,简直好吃到不要不要的。





Rowan Lim
Rowan LimGoogle Review
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Nice and clean place. Service was very efficient. The wine noodle soup was a bit heavy on the wine but the prawn noodles were good. A lot of variety so will return again
Lee Wai Chong
Lee Wai ChongGoogle Review
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Newly minted noodle house specializing in yellow wine chicken noodle. Their concoction really hit the spot with a heady taste of yellow wine hot and spicy 👍👍 serving was adequate and service was prompt. As for the signature curry laksa it was only so so. If you need to get your fix on yellow wine noodle this is your place. By the way they also serve yellow wine pork offal.
Angie Lim
Angie LimGoogle Review
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It located inside Pudu Plaza Shopping Centre at 1st Floor. The signature is the yellow wine chicken noodle (W) and it is extremely good compare to others that i have been trying out there before. You should definitely try this. 5/5 However, the signature curry noodle is just normal.